Fiona Frewert


Has been educated in classical piano and composition, aswell as recorder, irish flutes, whistles and bagpipes.

She has come to a wide internationl recognition with her band FAUN as singer and multiinstrumentalist,

achieving gold and platin awards and various nominations for the Echo Music Award.


After studying music therapy and oriental music Fiona dedicated herself to the preservation of old traditional german folk traditions in music and lyrics.

Her work is also inspired by the celtic/irish traditional music due to her heritage.


With the release of the first piano album she surprised the audience by showing a completely new side of her musical work. `Of Rivers and Tides´ combines classical romantic music reminding of Debussy or Chopin with influences of celtic folktraditions and melts these together to fascinating, emotional intense cinematic soundscapes.



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"It is some kind of magic that transpires her music, where time does not seem to be relevant anymore."

Olaf Räwel ("be.subjective!" magazine)


"With her soulful music and virtuosity Fiona gives a rise from inside out her piano to a wave of sound, on which she carries listeners away where every minute is worth it."

Ellie Weinert ("Songs Wanted"/“Billboard” Munich)


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