Fiona Rüggeberg | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano
 Fiona Rüggeberg  | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano


New Online Course for Bagpipe


In Fiona´s new course "Three favorite pieces with..." she initially teaches you a basic version of her favourite tunes - An Dro (Faun) Rhiannon (Faun) and Sandpipers (Toon van Mierlo, BE)

She then moves on to sharing her personal style, which she embeds into the pieces, explaining her techniques to you in detail.

TVINNA I Kreiz feat, Eivør

Second single /Videoclip release dec 4th


„„Kreiz“ is Old High German for „Circle“ or „Ring“
It is a song about detachment and release, about letting go and finding inner strength.

"We are very proud to feature outstanding Faroese Singer Eivør in Kreiz, adding her very own enchanting note and trademark

„beatboxing“ to it.“



FAUN - Märchen und Mythen

Album out now!



With this Album we dive deep into the old stories and faerietales.

We will take you on a journey into symbolic and magical pictures, which the lyrics and music might summon before your inner eye...




TVINNA´s  first single Released!


“”The Gore” tells you about Life.

The life that runs through our veins, which is carrying our past, our present and our future along with it.

With this song we reflect on our everlasting connectedness, this unescapable secret of Nature that we carry deep within ourselves. The song is telling of the lives, the loves and the sufferings of those before us - our mothers, our sisters,

our fathers and our brothers - and about where we may find their traces.

It is the connection between every single one of us - a song about the blood that soaks our earth.


Out Now!


Fionas new single  "Die weiße Dame" steps out of the pure instrumental work on the debut album "Of Rivers and Tides“,
A hommage to Nehellenia, white lady of the mists, guarding the border between this and the other world.

-  Available on all common platforms  -

Live Videos from Castlefest

Thanks to Erik Wildeman and the Celtcast Team we have excellent pictures from our gig at Castlefest. It was a pleasure to share this exiting debut with you!

The Premiere of the festival show!

 with special guest musicians such as

Maya Fridman (Cello) and

Alex Schulz/Folk Noir (Drums)


 August 3rd 2018

Keukenhof Lisse / NL

of rivers and tides

Album out now


We´re proud to announce that this release has kicked up into the top ten of the ITunes charts.

Thank you everyone!


Videorelease Homelands

A winter faerytale filmed in the spectacular scenery of the bavarian alps

FAUN - Federkleid

official music Video out now!


Filmed at the ancient place of Externsteine we proudly present You the result of three days of hard but absolutely awesome work.


Of Rivers and Tides

A unique fusion between classical piano music and celtic folk

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