Fiona Rüggeberg | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano
 Fiona Rüggeberg  | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano

Music Lessons

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You can book my teachings easily from whereever you are located around the world

- via Skype!


I teach the following instruments:

Sheperds Pipe, Gaita, Medieval Bagpipe


From January 2021 I will be a part of the prof´s team at the Dudelsack Akademie, where you can book lessons with me online.

I will be happy to assist you with all the knowledge around tuning and the correct handling of your pipes. You choose the songs and we will approach learning them in the individual way you prefer - by ear or by sheet music.

If you are interested in composing your own melodies I´m also up to developing or finetuning these - together with you.


For inquiries on lessons please contact me here:

Recorder - Irish whistle


You can learn any type of recorder with me: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor & bass

The types of Tinwhistles that I teach are: D, C, G whistle and Low D and C


Choose the pieces you would like to learn and we will find a way for you to play them!

My courses include basic techniques aswell as specific ornamentation and breathing.


For inquiries on lessons please contact me here:




As experienced teacher for piano my special focus lies on improvisation, learning by ear and composing aswell as finding out about how to establish a personal style.

Educated in classical piano I do lessons on classical music aswell as modern pop music.

If you would like to learn the pieces from my Album "Of Rivers and Tides" I will show you how to play them - by ear or sheet music.


For inquiries on lessons please contact mere here:


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