Fiona Rüggeberg | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano
 Fiona Rüggeberg  | vocals•recorder•bagpipes•piano

Single: die weisse Dame


Fionas new single release steps out of the pure instrumental work on the debut album "Of Rivers and Tides“.
This track may give a sign  for future albums, featuring Fiona´s voice for the first time, embraced by the delicate piano sound that had already marked Fiona´s sound before.
Also featuring Fieke van den Hurk on accordion, who is known for her experimental and innovative playing from the live shows of Eivor.

Recorded and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk at Dearworld Studios NL




On her solo debut album Fiona surprises with a unique and delicate fusion of

romantic classical piano and celtic music traditions, blended to soulful cinematic soundscapes.


Special guests like singer Sonja Drakulich/USA (Stellamara), Helen Flaherty/IRL (Shantalla) on Bodhrán and

Maya Friedman/ RUS on cello lead this album from minimalistic and pure piano moments to

intensely woven arrangements of some movie soundtrack quality.

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