~ Performing BAL FOLK live ~

Maya Fridman, Cello and Alex Schulz, Drums



 ~ In 1000 meters above zero ~

with the enthusiasm of an amazing crew

the Official Music Video for HOMELANDS

was filmed in the spectacular scenery of the bavarian alps



                                  Produced by Fiona Frewert

                            Directed by Yulya Kholeva

                                                       Starring: Fiona Frewert & Alea Rüggeberg

                                                       Camera: Nikita Kuzmin, Vitaly Oukhvanow

                                          Edit: Yury Kostenko, Yulya Kholeva

                                          Make Up & Hair: Tina Zehentmeier

                                                With special thanks to Kilian Keuchel,

                                                Michael Frewert and the Eibsee Hotel


Outfits by Fiona Frewert:

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